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Procurement exceeding the direct procurement limit

KTH Procurement department is responsible for carrying out all procurement exceeding the economic limit allowed for direct procurement. This means that the Procurement department has an overall responsibility for procurement, and the school concerned has full responsibility for the substance of the requirement specifications/terms of reference.

The school is also responsible for  the availability of financial and human resources needed for the procurement to be carried out within the agreed time frame. In addition, the school is responsible for assessing the fulfilment of the requirement specifications/terms of reference as part of the evaluation process.

The following procedure has been agreed upon between the schools’ administrative managers and the procurement director:

1. Request for procurement support

Prior to the forthcoming budget year (beginning or mid November) the form/link  Request for procurement support  will be sent to the schools’ purchasing managers, who are responsible for entering filling out all procurement matters that the school wishes to carry out the coming year.

For 2016, the form is opened until and including December 7 2015.

Prior to mid-year the school has the opportunity of supplementing the list with procurement needs that have arisen during the year.

2. Procurement plan

The Procurement department will set up a procurement plan for the current year on the basis of the number of “requests for procurement support” received.

When the procurement plan is approved (for 2016, this will be made by January 13) it will be distributed to all the school’s purchasing manager and published on the Procurement website.

3. Information meeting prior to procurement

Mid January,  those who are going to participate in the planned procurements will be invited to an information meeting about the procurement process and will meet the appointed procurement officer. An information in Swedish is planned for January 14. If requested, there will be a separate introduction in English.

4. Carrying out the procurement process

Prior to the procurement process the appointed procurement officer will contact the person who has been designated as the contact for an initial check and agreement  on a detailed timetable for the procurement process.

The Procurement department is responsible for the administration of the project, i.e. preparing all documents, advertising, opening tenders, archiving and handling any necessary reconsiderations.

The school is responsible for ensuring that the requirements specifications/terms of reference are correct and delivered on time.

The school and the Procurement department will evaluate the tenders and write the procurement minutes together.

5. Agreement to carry out procurement

Before starting the procurement process, an agreement (doc 76 kB) has to be  signed that the procurement process for the purchase at hand will be carried out. The agreement is sent to the school’s purchasing manager, who is responsible for ensuring that it is signed by the Administrative manager.

The agreement contains a timetable for the procurement process, and a list of the participants involved in the procurement. Furthermore, the agreement also states which delegations that can be made concerning decision-making and authorization to sign documents.