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Occupational health care

All employees have the possibility to contact the occupational health care in work-related issues, through telephone counseling and visits.

Contact information to the occupational health care

Phone: 08-120 125 00



Occupational Health Care has moved to new premises, from January 8, 2019 you can find them at:

Avonova City
Klarabergsviadukten 90 C
111 64 Stockholm

Those who work in Flemingsberg or in Södertälje can also turn to Avonova in Huddinge:

Kommunalvägen 1-5
141 47 Huddinge

Work-related health and ill-health means that there must be a connection between the individual's health problems, work capacity and work requirements. The health problem must be caused by or worsened by the work, or there must be a suspicion that it is related to the work to fall into this category. This requirement differs from public health care, where illness does not necessarily have a coonection to the workplace or the work performed.

You can get assictance with:

Visit the occupational health care

All employees have the posibility to visit the occupational health care three times per year without any involvement from a manager or anyone else at KTH. The visits are per specialist competence within the occupational healthcare and must be prebooked.

Consultations and support calls via telephone or on site

For example: advice and support on abuse issues, conflicts, ergonomic advice and interpretation of laws and regulations concerning the work environment.

Work-oriented rehabilitation

Support aimed at reproducing the physical and / or mental performance of the person concerned.

Ergonomic safety inspection

Individual or group inspections and lectures in ergonomics.

Work Engineer

It is possible to get support from a work environment engineer engineer who participates as an expert function during physical safety inspections in KTH's schools premises. The safety inspection is carried out by the employer's representative in cooperation with the safety representative.

Immediate help:

Crisis management - Action if needed to individual or group in case of crisis or work accident. The measure taken must be performed within the interval 24-72 hours from the actual event.

Workplace accident or other accidents - which affects the work situation of individual / group at KTH. Efforts may include supporting and mentoring the manager and / or safety representative and assessing whether crisis intervention for an individual or group is appropriate.

Work stoppage- if the safety representative is considering stopping work and needs immediate help with an assessment.

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