Occupational health care

There must be a connection between an individual's health problems, her work capacity and work requirements for them to be described as workrelated. Health problems must be caused by, made worse by or have a connection with work to fall into this category. This is different from the public health service, where illness does not necessarily have any connection with work.

The agreement covers all services provided by occupational healthcare: health promotion, prevention of illness and medical care.

Contact details

Phone number: 08-120 125 00

E-mail: stockholmcity@avonova.se

Website: www.avonova.se


The Occypational health care has moved to a new address, from January 8, 2019 you will find them at:

Avonova City
Klarabergsviadukten 90 C
111 64 Stockholm

For those who work in Flemingsberg or in Södertälje, there is also the possibility to turn to Avonova in Huddinge:

Kommunalvägen 1-5
141 47 Huddinge

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