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Workshop: KTH Digicertus Exam, examination in computer rooms

Are you curious about conducting a locked exam in computer rooms, but want to know more about how it works in practice? This workshop goes through how the KTH Digicertus Exam works and lets you test for yourself what it looks like for the students in the computer room.

Time: Fri 2024-05-31 13.15 - 14.15

Location: Kloker, Brinellvägen 64A

Language: Swedish

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Information about place and pre-registration

Please note that the workshop needs to take place physically in a computer room in order to demonstrate how the lock-down works. There is therefore also a limited number of places for this workshop. In order to secure your place, it is therefore required that you register for the workshop, you do this by filling in the registration form .


The purpose of the workshop is to provide a practical review of how locked examinations in computer rooms ( KTH Digicertus Exam ) work and what the students can do on locked computers.


No specific preparations are required.

Time required

1 hour.

Learning objectives

After completing the workshop, participants should:

  • Know which rooms lockdown works in.

  • Know how to order lockdown.

  • Be able to boot up and shut down the lockdown manually.

  • Be able to describe the difference in how Canvas works with locking compared to without.

  • Know problems that may arise and solutions to these.