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Tenure Track

The KTH Tenure Track for young researchers is aimed at those applying for a post as assistant professor here at KTH. When you are admitted to Tenure Track you will be offered a career development programme, which includes networking, support for scientific and teaching development and leadership training.

What is Tenure Track?

The academic positions at KTH are affiliated to the internationally established concept of Tenure Track. The Tenure Track starts with a post as assistant professor, for which a PhD and postdoctor experience are required. After approximately four years, an assistant professor has the right to be considered for promotion to associate professor, and if this is successful, to be permanently employed. After a further period as an associate professor you can apply for being promoted to professor.

Career Development Support

Career Development Support clarifies what is required for further qualifications as associate professor and professor, and offers opportunities for development in areas that are relevant for a continued career at KTH.

Competence support consists of four parts:

• Partners in Learning, PIL programme
• Teaching development
• Leadership development (career step lecturer)

Research position

As a researcher at KTH you are not a part of Tenure Track. There are different types of employment statuses.

A research position at KTH is an employment status outside of the Tenure Track and is used for employees who have a doctoral degree and a position mainly consisting of research. Researchers have duties exclusively devoted to research projects in various forms. The appointment as a researcher can be either permanent or temporary.

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