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The board

The board's mission is to represent the members towards the employer. Together with the members, the board works to improve the working environment and to increase influence in the working life.

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Johanna Bernhardtz
Johanna Bernhardtz Vice President 087909492 Profile
Monica Åkerström
Monica Åkerström Treasurer 087907423 Profile
Sara Öhman
Sara Öhman Individual cases and deputy treasurer 087906965 Profile
Nadia Arman
Nadia Arman Equal treatment and salary delegation 087907355 Profile
Mikael Johansson
Mikael Johansson Work environment Profile
Malin Björk
Malin Björk Vice equality and salary delegation 087908498 Profile
Henrik Stålhandske
Henrik Stålhandske Contact for local union representatives 087908534 Profile
Valeria Magnusson
Valeria Magnusson On parental leave Profile

Our Mission

  • Lead and develop the union work
  • Support and represent our members
  • Support and develop workplace representatives
  • Engage members
  • Recruit new members
  • Make ST visible at the workplace
  • Within ST, there are a number of overarching basic issues, so-called traditional trade union issues, which the union constantly pursues, both centrally and locally:
    • Salary and other terms of employment
    • Development and influence in the work
    • Gender equality and diversity
    • Work environment and security