KTH Switchboard remind you all to please encode your extension

In order to give students , our fellow workers and the public the very best service, we ask you to please encode your extensions when you´re not able to take your calls.

We also ask you to please make sure that there´s no old information registered at your extensions.

E.g if you´ve been ill or on holiday and have forgotten to delete your old information. If that´s the case please delete it.

Teleservice is working on a manual in English, but until it´s ready, please ask one of your Swedish-speaking colleagues to help you.

There is however an English manual how to download the KTH-app see the link below.

Please check out this link:


KTH app English version

ATTENTION! You´re just able to encode your extensions, not your cellphone numbers . If someone calls directly at your cellphonenumber they´ll get through, even if you´ve encode your extension.

You´re welcome to contact the switchboard if you need help to encode your extension at:

08-790 6000, or please send us an e-mail at: kthvaxel@kth.se

Please encode your autoresponder at your e-mailbox as well.

Kind regards

The switchboard

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