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Doctoral student admission process at CBH

Before recruiting a new doctoral student a green light form needs to be completed. A copy of the financial plan is attached as an appendix to the form. If a licentiate student is to be recruited, an additional appendix is required with a motivation for the intended degree.

The green light form must be reviewed well in advance of the planned call. The head of department and the FA reviews and signs the form, after which the head of school decides on giving the "green light" for recruitment. The form, signed by the head of department and FA, as well as decided by the head of school, is submitted to the HR manager who handles the advertisement. HR records the form and informs the supervisor and SSG about the decision. 

Download: Green light form (docx 104 kB)

Download: List of responsible persons in the Greenlight process (pdf 41 kB)

Admission process step by step

Flowchart showing the admission process for doctoral students at CBH.

1. Green light application for a study place

  • Completed green light form (brief information of how the necessary resources have been secured, e.g. supervision, project, study environment, need for ethical permits etc.)
  • Appendix 1. Financial plan (budget template from financial officer and head of department)
  • Appendix 2. Motivation for recruiting a licentiate student (only needed for licentiate degree
  • SSG is informed

Download: Motivation for recruiting a licentiate student (docx 101 kB)

2. Recruitment

  • Joint advertising of doctoral positions 9 times / year
  • Application period (Varbi)
  • Central administration evaluate: (not implemented yet)
    • Basic eligibility (all applicants should be evaluated): 240 credits of which 60 credits at the second cycle
    • Proficiency in English corresponding to the level required for master students (English course B/6)
    • Removal of applicants that do not fulfill basic eligibility
  • School/department evaluate:
    • Special eligibility and prior learning (all applicants should be evaluated)
    • Short-listing: Selection of candidates that fulfill special eligibility, interviews and work tests are recommended for further evaluation of short-listed candidates

3. Decision admission (this is not an application):

  • Eligibility (decision by FA)
  • Supervisors (decision)
  • Admission date = date when the formal decision is taken by head of school (date of signature)
  • Start date is decided (must be after admission date)
  • Establishment in Ladok
  • The decision on admission should be sent to any candidate also applying for a study visa

4. Decision employment

  • Only an admitted student can be employed as a doctoral student
  • Employment (contract) date is set as start date
  • Study visa must have been issued before the student arrives and initiates studies

5. Good start – Establishing ISP

  • Basic data are imported from Ladok to the eISP system
  • Mandatory startup meeting within 2-4 weeks after study start
  • FA / vice FA establishes ISP within approximately one months from study start

Point 4 och 5 can be performed in parallel, but after the actual start date.