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Expenses outside of business trips

On this page you can read about how to be reimbursed for your expenses

How to register expenses

You can register most types of expenses in KTH-RES, with the exception of "Other advances" and working meals, as these must instead be reported via a form. Meals are not reimbursed by receipt, except for business entertaining.

If you need help assessing the category of your expense to determine whether it should be registered in KTH-RES or via a form, you can read more here: Expense categories in KTH-RES   or contact for help with categorisation.

Expenses registered in KTH-RES

You can read how to register expenses outside of a business trip here:

Expenses registered by form

The purpose of the expense is the basis for the categorization and the most common occurrence is work meals. Work meals are considered a taxable benefit and need to be registered via the expense form Expense report together with a list of participants for the benefit taxation. A work meal is a free meal for KTH employees in certain situations. Examples are lunch when planning work or lunch alongside a board meeting. There are some exeptions and here are some examples at the page Common questions and answers related to representation.  Here is also a picture with an overwiev to help define the meal: Schematic view of meals and classification

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