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Expenses outside of business trips

The majority of all expenses should be registered in KTH-RES.

Goods and services must primarily be purchased via procured suppliers and paid for via invoice. If you still need to make an expense on behalf of KTH, you must follow the CBH School's routines for purchasing and procurement and you should use a Eurocard Business-procured private card (FUP). The Eurocard (FUP) is recommended for employees who travel a lot in the service or who have recurring service-related expenses that the employer will reimburse. For more information, go to: CBH School's routines for purchasing and procurement

How to register expenses in KTH-RES

KTH has several pages with instructions, templates and videos.
Instructions on how to register the expense in KTH-RES: Register your expense in KTH-RES
Help with how to assess the category / type of your expense: Expense categories in KTH-RES Instructions with tips on how to fill in your expense report: How to fill in the expense report
and here you will find all manuals and also videos: Manuals KTH-RES

Expenses outside of KTH-RES

Work meals cannot be registered in KTH-RES and therefore need to be registered via the expense form Expense report  together with a list of participants  for the benefit taxation.
A work meal is a free meal that is not used for internal / external representation or an internal course. Here is a clear picture to help define the meal: Schematic view of meals and classification

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