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Travel booking for employees

Are you going on a business trip? There is a lot to consider before you go, during the trip, as well as after you have returned. Here, we will guide you to the latest information about how to book a business trip, rules and agreements, travel insurance, debit cards, etc.

When you as an employee are going to travel, you will need to arrange things both before departure and after returning home.

This guide will help you with your booking:

Book a business trip

Do you need guidance in the travel system, KTH-res?

Here you can find manuals for how to update you profile, how to fill in a travel request or travel bill/expense report, as well as the new interface:


The CBH School's Travel Manager Therese Feierbach is the school's contact with the university administration and will, on the assignment of the school management, ensure that the school's business trips comply with KTH's travel rules and agreements.

If you need help or have questions about business trips, please turn to the person responsible for business trips on your campus:

Campus Valhallavägen

Campus Solna

Campus Albanova

Campus Flemingsberg