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To prove that you are insured, you must bring an EU card from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and a certificate from KTH's business travel insurance.

European Health Insurance Card

When travelling to EU/EEA countries or Switzerland, you should take a European Health Insurance Card (EU card) from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) with you. Please note that Försäkringskassan has processing times for EU cards.

EU card and care abroad  (

Collective travel insurance

KTH has collective business travel insurance for all employees through Kammarkollegiet. The insurance gives you basic protection and applies to business trips you make on behalf of KTH both in Sweden and abroad.

The insurance also applies if you have a break during the business trip, but the break must not last longer than the business trip and must not exceed 14 days. If you need travel insurance for a longer period, you must take out private insurance.

Insurance for business trips and work abroad  (Kammarkollegiet)

Business travel insurance  (KTH Intranet)

Order a certificate

To prove that you are insured, you need a certificate. You can order the certificate from the travel group at CBH.

You must provide

  • name (same as in your passport)
  • social security number
  • when the insurance will be valid
  • email or postal address so we can send you the certificate.

Email your order to the CBH tour group at