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Booking a business trip – checklist

This page is designed to help you plan and book your business travel. There are tips and guides to help you get it right.

Checklist for your trip

  • Create traveller profile
  • Create travel order
  • Insurances
  • Cancellation cover
  • Eurocard (FUP card)

As a traveller, it is your responsibility to follow KTH's travel guidelines.

KTH's guideline on meetings and travel  (pdf, updated 2023)

Choose your conference carefully. A serious conference can raise your international profile, a frivolous one can do the opposite.

Predatory conferences

From quotation to booking

You book your travel through KTH's contracted travel agency, Egencia. This means that you cannot buy a ticket directly from the airline or an online travel agency.

In some cases, you may be able to book accommodation outside the contract if it is for a longer period of time or if there are special hotels for your trip. Always check with your manager before booking.

All travel over ten miles must be approved by your line manager. Your manager approves the trip by certifying your travel order in KTH's travel management system, KTH-RES.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Create a traveller profile in KTH-RES.
  2. Request a quote from Egencia.
  3. Create a travel request in KTH-RES.
  4. Your immediate manager approves the travel request in KTH-RES.
  5. Book your trip through Egencia, the travel management company contracted by KTH.

Create a traveller profile

The first thing you need to do is activate your traveller profile in KTH-RES, KTH's travel management system. Once you have created your traveller profile, it will be ready for use the next working day.

Remember to tick the GDPR box so that your profile can be activated.

Create/update your traveler profile  (KTH Intranet)

Please register for GDPR so that your profile can be activated.

Get a quote

You can access the Egencia booking portal from your traveler profile on KTH-RES.

KTH-RES is also available as an app:

Create a travel order

The travel request is where you specify the purpose of your trip, which is a requirement for claiming reimbursement.

Create travel order  (step-by-step guide)


To prove that you are insured, you must bring an EU card from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and a certificate from KTH's business travel insurance.

Order certificate

Cancellation cover

Travel booked with Egencia and paid for via Diners TAC/Invoice is insured by Moderna Insurance. The cancellation insurance covers, among other things, if you are forced to cancel your trip due to illnes, if you miss a connecting flight or baggage delay, etc.

You can read more about cancellation cover here

Eurocard (FUP Card)

KTH has a corporate payment card (FUP card) in cooperation with Eurocard. The card makes it easier for you to pay for expenses during your business trip. The invoice will be sent to you and you will pay it later.

Apply for a personal payment card

Read more

You can find more detailed information about business travel on KTH's shared intranet.

Business trip step by step  (KTH Intranet)

Contact us

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