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Dependable information systems

Time: Thu 2023-12-07 09.15

Location: U1

Participating: Ulrik Franke

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In this Docent lecture, Ulrik Franke will give an overview of the research area dependable information systems from three perspectives: Reliability and outages, attacks and security, and trust and explainability.

Society is increasingly dependent on information systems. Largely, this is for good and enables us both to do the same things more efficiently and to do completely new things that were previously impossible. At the same time, this development makes us more vulnerable to incidents. We depend on these systems, but how can they be made more dependable?

Using examples from his own and others’ research, Ulrik Franke will present and discuss a few technical and economic aspects of dependable information systems. Some themes that will be touched upon are the costs of cyber incidents, how economic incentives can improve or impede security and dependability, the prospects and difficulties with cyber insurance, requirements on reporting and disclosing incidents, and explainable AI.