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Matters requiring the Head of School’s signature

In cases where the Head of School’s signature is needed, the following procedure needs to be followed.

Matters needing the Head of School’s signature are sent to:

Postal address: Skolchef EECS, Teknikringen 31

The following cover letter are to be used for all matters in need of a signature:

Cover letter for documents (docx 79 kB)

Cover letter for documents (pdf 118 kB)

Fillable cover letter (pdf 142 kB)

Conditions which need to be fulfilled before sending it to the Head of School:

  • The cover letter must be correctly filled in with all relevant information for the case.

  • The Head of Division must sign at the bottom of the cover letter.

  • For contract-related matters, note that it should be reviewed by a lawyer/the Research Support Office.