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Research funding for beginners

Want to know more about funding opportunities in Sweden and the EU? On 16 March, the Research Support Office will organise a seminar on research funding for beginners. The seminar is suitable for those who want to extend their knowledge about external research funding in a Swedish and European context.

Time: Thu 2023-03-16 13.00 - 15.00

Location: Gradängsalen, Teknikringen 1, KTH Campus

Language: English

Participating: Viktoria Halltell, Jenny Wanselius, Julie Oommen and Peter Kjellberg

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The Swedish and European funding landscapes are complex – with a large number of funders and funding opportunities. Research Support Office (RSO) now invites you to the seminar ”Research funding for beginners”, aimed at researchers who recently obtained their PhD and are just starting to apply for their own funding.


The seminar will give you an introduction to the funding landscapes in Sweden and Europe, tools for finding relevant funding opportunities, as well as general information on KTH’s processes for external research funding.

13:00 General services provided by RSO (Viktoria Halltell)

13:15 The research funding landscape in Sweden (Viktoria Halltell)

13:45 Prisma (Peter Kjellberg)

14:00 Horizon Europe (Jenny Wanselius/Julie Oommen)

14:30 Research Professional (Peter Kjellberg)

14:40 Questions and answers

The seminar will focus on practical advice and hands-on tips. There will be ample time for questions during the course of the seminar. You also have the opportunity to stay on and discuss in person with the research advisors.


Viktoria Halltell, Research Advisor with specialisation in Swedish funders

Jenny Wanselius, Head of the Research Funding unit and Research Advisor with specialisation in Horizon Europe

Julie Oommen, Research Advisor with specialisation in European funders

Peter Kjellberg, Research Officer and expert on Prisma and Research Professional

The agenda may be updated with additional speakers.

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About Research Support Office

Research Support Office (RSO) offers support to KTH’s researchers, management and other employees regarding issues such as external research funding. RSO monitors the funders' research agendas, funding requirements and priorities. RSO also offers support and guidance regarding application, contracts, management and reporting of projects with external funding.

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