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Visualize your research data

Do you want to improve the figures of your next article or presentation? Welcome to a workshop on how to visualize different types of research data in various contexts.

Time: Fri 2024-04-19 10.15 - 12.00

Location: Zoom – no registration

Language: English

Participating: Mattias Vesterlund and Sara Lind, KTH Library

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A man standing in front of a whiteboard full of data and calculations

A picture is worth a thousand words, but how do you best communicate your results visually? Welcome to a workshop where we go through what to consider when visualizing data and research results.  

We will go through both graphical aspects of data visualization and how to reason about color choice, layout and choice of charts and graphs. During the workshop we will focus on visualization of different types of quantitative data and how to use data visualization both as an analysis tool and as a communication tool in different contexts.  

 The workshop is aimed at doctoral students and researchers and is held in English. If you are a doctoral student or researcher at another university than KTH, you are welcome to participate. 

No registration needed, just enter Zoom at the appointed time.