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ERC-grants and support from the Research Support Office

This page will guide you through the different types of ERC funding you can apply for and describe the support provided by the Research Support Office (RSO).

The European Research Council, ERC,  provides funding for excellent frontier research in Europe as part of the

EU Horizon Europe programme (2021–2027).  The funded projects are led by excellent researchers, both junior and more experienced, who have demonstrated impressive independent thought, creativity, and extraordinary scientific advancements.

An ERC grant is a milestone in your career as a researcher and opens up all kinds of attractive opportunities:

  • Devoting up to six years to a research topic of your choice
  • Having the freedom to recruit, fund, and lead an entire research team
  • Maximizing citations and acknowledgements by scientific publications
  • And for KTH’s schools, this is a way of recruiting leading international expertise

Support provided by advisers from the Research Support office at the application level

  • General information meetings in connection with the publication of the ERC annual Work Programmes, as well as specific workshops for applicants linked to each particular call;
  • Host Institution support letter from KTH, signed by the head of RSO (please see the information on the webpage ERC-proposal – guide for KTH applicants)
  • Feedback on the draft application
  • Advisory support on the rules and regulations in connection to the call
  • Individual training for the interview in step 2 of the evaluation process

Please get in touch with us as early as possible to acquire the support provided by us.

The types of grants available are as follows:

  • Starting Grants StG  for researchers 2 to 7 years after their PhD who have shown potential for leading a research group. A project can run for up to five years; the maximum grant is EUR 1.5 million.
  • Consolidator Grants CoG  for researchers 7 to 12 years after their PhD who wish to establish themselves as an independent researcher. A project can run for up to five years; the maximum grant is EUR 2 million.
  • Advanced Grants AdG  for more established senior scientists who have established themselves as international authorities in their field. A project can run for up to five years; the maximum grant is EUR 2.5 million.
  • Synergy Grants SyG  enables two to four principal research applicants at any stage of their career, along with their teams, to conduct a project with the potential to be an international benchmark. A project can run for up to six years; the maximum grant is EUR 10 million.
  • Proof of Concept PoC  funding is available for researchers who already have one of the abovementioned grants and wish to explore opportunities for commercial or social innovations. A project is awarded a lump sum of EUR 150,000 and runs for 18 months.

How do you apply for ERC-funding?

Link to our guide: Proposal structure and how to apply for ERC funding