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Support for co-operations

KTH has a group that works with collaboration issues for research and education, both inside and outside the university. Contact them if you wish to get involved or need assistance in co-operation matters.

The collaboration group at RSO can support you with, among other things, personal mobility, strategic partnerships, degree projects, and finding the right collaboration partners for you.

Below are contact routes for individual mobility and strategic partnerships. You are always welcome to contact the group via the e-mail .

Individual mobility

If you are interested in sharing your position between KTH and another party, or moving your position for a limited time, this is considered individual mobility. You can get support and advice via the collaboration group.

Strategic partnerships

KTH has several partnerships, each with a partner director, a partner manager, a steering group, and several involved KTH researchers. Contact the partner manager if you want to get involved or have questions about the collaboration.

Contacts per partnership

If you have questions on the partnerships, you can alway contact the co-operation team: