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Employment for centre staff

A centre’s operations involve both researchers and administration staff and are always linked to a host school. These employed positions must be part of KTH’s line organisation or another employer.

Employment at the centre

Persons working in a centre, who do not have another employer, must be employed within KTH’s line organisation. You cannot be employed directly by the centre itself. However, the centre bears the cost for the time spent on the operation.

Decisions regarding positions at KTH are made by the relevant head of school, following a proposal from the centre director. The head of school may then delegate responsibility for drawing up more detailed job descriptions to the director.

The school provides premises, administrative support and services to the extent and on the conditions agreed between the centre and the school. The school shall apply the full costing method for these.

If necessary, a written agreement should be drawn up between the school concerned and the centre.

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Last changed: Oct 23, 2023