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To extend an operating period

Prior to the extension of an operational period, the centre's director shall prepare a self-evaluation report according to the template provided by STRIV (se link below). The report must be adopted by the steering group and submitted to the Vice President for Research, the head of school and STRIV no later than three months before the end of the operational period.

Self-evaluation report template

In centres of excellence, the centre director is responsible for ensuring that the evaluation submitted to the research funding body is also provided to the Vice President for Research, head of school and STRIV for information.

The head of school shall request an extension of the centre's operational period. The director prepares the documentation, which must include the following information:

  1. The organisational affiliation of the centre.
  2. Confirmation by the head of school that the resources promised in the application will be available, as well as being organisationally accounted for separately in accordance with the financial administrative regulatory framework.
  3. Confirmation by the steering group of the proposal for extension.
  4. Proposal for a new operational period of the centre.
  5. Where applicable, request for co-funding from the President. The President determines questions of co-funding on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Accounting of KTH's other funding and resources, such as in-kind.

In addition to the request, the following documentation must be collected:

  1. Centre agreement for signature. If the centre agreement is under negotiation, this should be stated and a decision on signing the centre agreement will be made later. For network centres, the requirement for a consortium agreement may be waived, but must then be justified.
  2. Proposed operational plan and budget for the new period.
  3. Proposals for the chair and members of the steering group and the term of office of the steering group. The proposal must be confirmed by the parties.
  4. Proposal for director and his/her term of office.
  5. Self-evaluation report template

The Vice President for Research decides on the extension of the centre's operational period on the basis of STRIV's draft decision.