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Support for research centres

Since 2022, KTH has had guidelines that regulate governance and operations at its research centres. Here, you will find routine descriptions and useful information for directors of research centres at KTH.


A centre at KTH is established when an application has been awarded a centre grant from a national research funding body, or on the initiative of KTH to meet a need to develop a research domain and its funding in collaboration with other parties.

Establishing a research centre


During the centre's period of operation, its activities are governed by the centre agreement and KTH’s internal regulatory framework. Decisions and agreements relating to the centre’s day-to-day activities must be signed in accordance with KTH’s delegation system.

Operating a research centre


Prior to the extension of an operational period, the centre’s director must prepare a self-evaluation report using a specific template. The report must be adopted by the steering committee and submitted to the Vice President for Research, the head of school and the Research Support Office no later than three months before the end of the operational period.

Extending a centre's operational period


All centre activities are time-limited. The decision to close a centre always rests with the President, whether the centre is closed at the end of its period of operation, prematurely or for other reasons.

Closing of a Centre

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The Research Support Office, RSO has compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions related to research centres. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


The Strategic Initiatives and Collaboration group (STRIV) at the Research Support Office (RSO) works closely with KTH’s centres to ensure that they have the conditions and structure to develop good research environments and strategic steering committees.

Have any questions, or need assistance regarding setting up a centre? Contact RSO!

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