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Platform support open call

The KTH Digitalisation Platform provides an open call with three cut-off dates per year in March, June, and October. The open call is divided into three sub-categories; conference organisers, bottom-up activities, and strategic initiatives. The next deadline is 25 March 2024.

Open call with three cut-off dates

Cut-off dates in March, June, and October.

Call sub-categories

1. To support conference organisers

  • Enable KTH researcher to organize relevant conferences/workshops
  • Promotion of KTH research environment & platform

2. To support bottom-up activities

Early career researchers are strongly encouraged to apply.

  • Stimulate, facilitate and/or initiate multidisciplinary research activities
  • Increase external funding for research projects
  • Build and maintain external and internal relations
  • Enhance external KTH visibility, recognition and impact
  • Support of strategic outlook events or activities

3. To support platform strategic initiatives

  • Early career researcher
  • Cross-disciplinary/Cross-school activity
  • Research environment that supports cross-school activities
  • Activity related to strategic research areas (AI & Learning; security; privacy & trust; HPC; data sharing; sustainability)
  • Advocacy and networking activity
  • Seed funding to initiate a new collaboration with an external partner


  • Independent assessment of proposals by the KTH Digitalisation Platform directors according to score sheet and ranking in following consensus meeting.
  • Three cut-off dates per year, if budget allows.
  • Budget is individually set and distributed top-down in the three sub-categories:
    1. Conference organisers: Expected sponsoring SEK 30,000.
    2. Bottom-up activities: Granted amount depends on activity, average expected grant is SEK 50,000. Requests for larger sums will be considered depending on fulfillment of criteria and stated goals.
    3. Platform strategic initiatives: Granted amount depends on the activity, please contact the platform.
  • Purpose of the money should be clearly justified, for example, financing pre-studies, writing external project applications, possible infrastructure costs etc. that align with the strategic goals above.
  • Please note that the grant is not sustainable funding for research activities.

How to apply

Applications should describe the activity/project and explicitly reflect on how this will satisfy the outlined criteria, and how it will meet the goals stated. Applications should also specify the budget.

Criteria Conference organisers (pdf 78 kB)

Criteria Bottom-up activities (pdf 78 kB)

Criteria Platform strategic initiatives (pdf 56 kB)

The application should be sent to the platform director, .

Application deadline: 25 March 2024

Report request

After the event the following is requested: 

  1. Brief reflection how the money was used/what it has enabled.
  2. Brief reflection on the value for KTH and how the goals were addressed.
  3. Brief reflection on how the platform was promoted (including links, flyer pdf or a picture) including a picture of the event that is free to use (if applicable).

The report should be sent to the platform director, .

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