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Call for proposals with a focus on Industrial transformation in a Circular Economy


Published Nov 07, 2023

KTH Industrial Transformation Platform supports activities related to the transition to a circular economy. The application deadline is 1 December 2023.

About the call

We welcome applications for preparation of planning grants to map and analyse research needs, for preparation of research applications, funding to invite guest lecturers or grants for organization of seminars. The aim is to initiate new research activities supporting the industrial transformation towards climate neutrality. We prioritize interdisciplinary projects that promote collaboration between different disciplines. Collaboration with external actors is particularly welcomed. Applications will be evaluated on an ongoing basis during the year.

How to apply

Your application must contain a brief justification of how the grant can contribute to new knowledge and make an impact connected to the circular economy. Furthermore, the application must contain information about the applicants, how the collaboration will take place, and a description of how the funds will be used, including budget (Max 3 pages, Word 12p). In cases where the application refers to planning grants for research projects, the grant is paid out after the application has been submitted to the specific call.

Application deadline

The deadline for applications is 1 December 2023, but applications are evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Questions about the call

Contact person: Kerstin Forsberg,