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The first KTH Transport Stories film released

Screenshot from the first film with one of the researchers Karl Garme.
Published Oct 11, 2022

Today, the KTH Transport Platform releases the first of four short films called KTH Transport Stories. Transport Platform Director Magnus Burman interviews Nicole Kringos, former platform deputy director, who initiated and led the film project.

Magnus Burman. Photo: Private

I think the films look fantastic! As a project leader and creator of these films, please tell me about the background and motivation?

Nicole Kringos. Photo: KTH

“The KTH Transport Platform core is its people; all KTH researchers working on transport-related subjects from all different disciplines at KTH. Very often, we have similar challenges, such as the impact of climate change, changing supply chain, digitisation and automation challenges, but come from different traditions, and we may work on these from different angles. The Transport Platform gives us opportunities to meet each other and be aware of what else is going on. It also is a good basis to start collaborations or share partnerships, and the platform is also a good entry point for external partners, Nicole Kringos says, and continues:

“The Transport Stories message is that at KTH, we work on all different kinds of transportation challenges, which are coupled in many different ways. The research we do is important, it has a long-term vision, and it is also a lot of fun.”

I notice that you use a green screen. What is it about?

“Yes, the green screen work as s a ‘red thread’ through all four films. Using this, we tried to create a little behind-the-scenes feeling that allowed us to show the participating researchers as people. It is not necessarily easy or comfortable for everybody to stand in front of a camera, but with this, we had a chance to lighten things up and show that you actually can have fun doing what we do.”

“In addition, the green screen allowed us to prepare for all the holograms you can meet at the KTH central campus on the Campus2030 route.”

Who is the target group for the Transport Stories?

“As for all our work within the KTH Transport Platform, we focus on three main groups, researchers at KTH, our industry partners and societal organisations and authorities within the transportation ecosystem. So much is happening in the world and in Sweden related to the transportation sector. We felt it was important to show that KTH is aware of the issues and that we both have the depth and the width to come up with sustainable solutions and perspectives to contribute.”

Who are the researchers that are part of the films?

“The KTH Transport Platform is built up from a structure of thematic areas as well as a strong network of KTH Centres that work on transporation-related issues. The people you can see in these films are a mixture of young and seasoned researchers currently active at KTH on the subject, they have different roles and a strong connection to the platform. I hope we can have many more stories to tell in the future!”

What was your personal experience in the making of these Transport Stories?

“Well, making a film is always a lot of fun, and you always learn a lot of things. We had a pandemic for a large part of the filming, which meant that we had to reschedule many times as people had more responsibilities for kids at home that were not allowed to be at school or people we would film were sick themselves. We tried to be as careful as possible during the filming and were not in a great hurry either. Our main purpose was to make films that would last. That would be fun to look at. That would make people laugh and think: wow, it looks like they are having fun at KTH. I think we succeeded with this! In any case, they still make me smile each time I watch these Transport Stories, and I hope we will make many more in the future as our stories have only just begun ...”

Thank you, Niki, for your time!

Transport Stories I - "Innovative vehicle concepts"

In this the first of our Transport Stories we look at some Innovative Vehicle Concepts together with:

  • Karl Garme - Associated Professor, Engineering Mechanics
  • Evelyn Otero Sola - Associated Professor, Engineering Mechanics
  • Ulysse Dhomé - Doctoral student, Engineering Mechanics

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