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Transport Stories IV – Policy and Institutional Frameworks – released

Published Mar 06, 2023

Now, the final out of four Transport Stories – Policy and Institutional Frameworks – has been released.

In this fourth part of Transport Stories we look at Policy and Institutional Frameworks together with:

  • Camilla Byström, researcher Transport and systems analysis
  • Mahsa Movaghar, MsC student

Transport Stories IV - Policy and Institutional Frameworks

In this movie we meet Mahsa Movaghar, at the time of the recording she was KTH student, now she is pursuing her PhD candidate at TU Delft, Transport and Planning. These are a few words from Mahsa Movaghar about her research journey:

"I obtained my M.Sc. in Transport and Geoinformation Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Collaborating with SWECO, AI and Automation group, my master’s thesis focused on the application of Machine Learning and data analysis techniques to predict ridership in public transport in Stockholm. I have a keen interest in converting data-based insights into automated, robust, and sustainable decisions for transportation infrastructure and planning.
My enjoyable journey at KTH led me to my current position as a Ph.D. candidate at TU Delft, Transport and Planning. Now, my research focuses on developing eXplainable Artificial Intelligence approaches to evaluate the impacts of road disruptions on traffic and environment."

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