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Courses and seminars for researchers

Do you want to develop your skills in a particular area? KTH offers seminars and courses for researchers in a wide variety of subjects.

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Courses for researchers

Digital courses

KTH has several digital courses in Canvas developed for researchers. These are currently available:

Nature Masterclasses On-demand

In 2024, KTH's researchers have access to the Natur Masterclasses on-demand platform with a variety of digital courses. The offerings vary and currently include the courses listed below. To access the platform, you need to register. If you already have an account, you can log in via the link below.


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  1. Writing a Research Paper
  2. Publishing a Research Paper
  3. Writing and Publishing a Review Paper
  4. Research Integrity: Publication Ethics
  5. Focus on Peer Review
  6. Experiments: From Idea to Design
  7. Persuasive Grant Writing
  8. Finding Funding Opportunities
  9. Managing Research Data to Unlock its Full Potential
  10. Data Analysis: Planning and Preparing
  11. Data Analysis: Conducting and Troubleshooting
  12. Interpreting Scientific Results
  13. Narrative Tools for Researchers
  14. Effective Science Communication
  15. Advancing Your Scientific Presentations
  16. Creating Successful Research Posters
  17. Getting an Academic Research Position
  18. Networking for Researchers
  19. Introduction to Collaboration
  20. Participating in a Collaboration
  21. Leading a Collaboration

On-site courses

KTH Innovation offers the KTH Innovation Discovery Program  for research wanting to explore the topics of innovation, impact, and commercialisation.

Training for leaders of research collaborations

If you have a leadership role in research collaboration, RSO offers special support through, among other things, training courses, seminars, online courses in Canvas (mentioned above) and participation in networks.

Courses for research leaders

Events for researchers and doctoral students

KTH provides workshops and seminars for researchers and doctoral students in subjects such as data management, financing and publications.

The events are published in KTH's internal calendar, and they are often arranged by KTH Library or the Research Support office.