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Change the e-mail forwarding settings

About e-mail forwarding

Forwarding e-mail is prohibited for all users employed by KTH or other Swedish government organizations. If for any reason you have set forwarding of your KTH e-mail, you can deactivate it by following the guide on this page.

Rules for E-mail Forwarding

Read more about rules governing e-mail forwarding

When you Forward your E-mail

Note that all e-mails sent to your KTH address will be forwarded. No copies of these e-mails will ever reside in your mailbox or pass through any other KTH systems. No e-mail received prior to activating the e-mail forward that already resides in your mailbox will be affected.

You may never forward your e-mail through settings/filters/rules inside Outlook, webmail or other e-mail clients or managers.

To Deactivate KTH E-mail Forward

  1. Log in to and klick the tab with your name in the Personal Menu.
  2. Fill in you KTH username and click in Next.
  3. Fill in your KTH password and click on Sign in.
  4. Confirm that "I am aware that forwarding only effects e-mails sent to my KTH e-mail address and I have read the information in step 1 and 2 above" and click on Forward KTH e-mails.
  5. Click on Remove e-mail forwarding.