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Responsibility for information security

(Valid as of 2014-01-29)

The purpose of the regulations is to create the conditions for good information security

The regulation is based on:

  1. Freedom of the Press Ordinance (1976:954)
  2. Archives Act (1990:782)
  3. Archives Ordinance (1991:446)
  4. The regulations of the National Archives
  5. The Privacy Act (1980:100)
  6. KTH's Information and IT security policy
  7. The principals decision no. 7 1995
  8. University Board's decision 28-10-2004 "Decision regarding new organization of KTH", dnr 930-2004-2896, file 13


Information security is becoming increasingly important the more digitized information management becomes.

Information is retrieved, processed and stored in an increasing number of forms and on changing media. The requirements for authenticity, integrity and accessibility are becoming stronger. The information we use must be credible, as we must be able to trust what is stored in our various systems and archives. In addition, we must be able to reach it within a reasonable time in undamaged condition.

The university's archives must reflect our activities. The archive is a source of current and future research and gives us support in our daily work.

KTH's information and IT security policy states, among other things, that:

  • The responsibility for information security lies with those responsible for operations.
  • Responsibility for information and IT security within various functions must be determined.
  • At each school/equivalent, there must be a person responsible for information security.
  • Information must be handled and stored in such a way that it is protected against loss, damage and unauthorized use.

The principal has decided to:

The respective school/equivalent must appoint an information security officer at the school/equivalent.

The responsibility relates to the handling and storage of information in accordance with KTH's regulations for publicity and confidentiality, registration, archive formation, archive accounting and care of archives.

This applies to digitally stored information (including the web and e-mail) as well as images and paper documents.

Current delegation must be kept in a diary at the school/equivalent.


The IT and Information security group:
Tel: +46 8-790 9820

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