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KTH GitHub

About KTH Github

KTH GitHub provides hosting for software development and version control using Git. It offers the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git, plus its own features. It provides access control and several collaboration features such as bug tracking, feature requests, task management and more for KTH students and employees.

KTH GitHub is a service provided by the KTH IT department strictly for the users of KTH. It provides the distributed revision control and source code management functionality of Git, as well as all the additional features of GitHub. KTH GitHub uses the enterprise version of the system and has similar functionality as the public service  service.

The KTH GitHub is a local service and KTH users log in using their KTH.SE credentials, and all projects are private (only available to users with a KTH.SE account).

The service is provided to students, employee's, faculty and staff at KTH for free.

Features available in KTH GitHub are:

  • Simple wikis
  • Cooperation with other people
  • Commenting changes/commits
  • Comparing different versions of source code
  • Private projects (the ability to limit the access within KTH)
  • Setting up goals for projects

The service is not available for external projects or external users.

KTH provides the following 2 services to it's active users.

Service Available to Usage Students, faculty Coursework, studentprojects Employee's, Faculty, Staff Internal projects


How do I gain access to KTH GitHub?


As a student, you get access to by going to  and login with your KTH account credentials. No additional action is needed. The student server can be used by academic personell, administrative staff and other users with a KTH.SE account and an active affiliation to use in coursework.


Faculty and administrative staff can use the service but will also be able may gain access to KTH GitHub by sending an e-mail with their KTH username to  .

Service Availability

The service is available within and outside the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Service Restrictions

The purpose of KTH GitHub is version control of source code and files related to the source code such as images and libraries, and may not be used for versioning of other material such as documents, software, movies, large files etc. For such purposes, user are referred to the common/project/home directories (G: / P: / H:) offered by the KTH IT department.

Only users with a KTH.SE account will be given access to KTH GitHub. For public projects, users are recommended to publish a copy on the free, public

SSH fingerprints in use

Servername Hashtype Keytype Fingerprint MD5 ECDSA 52:7c:33:75:44:ad:8f:8a:58:b7:c8:25:f9:ce:8d:d2
  MD5 RSA 3f:99:e0:e8:fa:4a:c3:01:3a:a3:7d:a0:6e:45:14:25
  SHA256 ECDSA 5Ac2F+mkih5I6Be3pKCMBAPVFgS5KDMxr45ZCzeFM1M
  SHA256 RSA PqeKD4w29f4wO71Ct/z8EfAWV2FumAW81vAKvmhJvuo MD5 ECDSA ae:15:b2:8a:d9:c9:62:a9:87:0d:b8:73:a2:50:ae:95
  MD5 RSA db:7a:88:56:63:de:b0:92:df:f8:c5:ba:d2:a2:31:c3
  SHA256 ECDSA CBekuc0iCsAvoSDJ0qiuVFejoAhUgGfEP0HFg51LTak
  SHA256 RSA Eff6Qn8LODfkEZaIRbuoLa4bLyQXlyG1/bLXUCq2iUA
MD5 ECDSA a3:fb:d1:ca:57:68:6c:1a:71:55:7c:19:0b:37:46:aa
  MD5 RSA 37:39:6a:20:7b:03:60:66:89:f5:34:95:e3:3e:99:5c
  SHA256 ECDSA OmuyB64vnycQufBPs7zDXyHYpCi89jTrHru802Q+4/E
  SHA256 RSA X2bX8kcmRb1pIEYbxTqRhNPhJq1/By/1sE/sgn89xd4