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Crisis Plans, ITM

Each department at ITM has its own Crisis Plan. This is a contingency plan for measures to be taken in the event of an acute crisis at ITM.

In a crisis: Call it in – act – process – evaluate

The person first informed is to contact the person in charge of crisis management at ITM (see below). This person will involve other experts as needed.

Crisis plans at each department

Energy Technology (EGI)

Crisis Plan Energy Technology (EGI)

Crisis Plans are also at these locations:
Anneli Ylitalo-Qvarfordt's room (K413) Brinellvägen 68
Copy room on level 4, K423
EKV's kitchen
ETT's kitchen
ETT's lab
EKV's works

Production Engineering (IPU)

Crisis Plan Production Engineering, KTH Södertälje (IPU)

The Crisis Plan hangs on the bulletin board in the staff room.

Crisis Plan Production Engineering, Stockholm (IPU)

The Crisis Plan is also at Brinellvägen 68, floor 2, on the bulletin board next to the copy room.

Industrial economics and management (INDEK)

Crisis Plan INDEK

Crisis plans are posted in the kitchen on the floor 3N, 5N, and 6. 

Learning in Engineering Sciences

Crisis Plan Learning at KTH Campus

Crisis Plan House of Science (VH)

Crisis Plan House of Nature (NH)

Machine Design (MMK)

Crisis Plan Machine Design (MMK)

Crisis Plans are also at these locations:

Erika Gilbertsson, floor 4, room B416
Martin Edin Grimheden, floor 4, room B417

Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Crisis Plan Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)

Crisis Plans are also at these locations:
Bulletin board in mailing room M119
The bulletin board in the kitchenette N114

University Administration ITM

Crisis Plan University Administration ITM

Lindstedts väg 30: The Crisis plan is on the wall in the kitchen, next to the patches /above the coffee maker.

Brinellvägen 86: The Crisis Plan is next to the first aid kit in the copy room and on the bulletin board in the kitchen.