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Adjustments of ITM administration due to the Covid-19 virus

The recent developments of the Covid-19 virus and the directives of the KTH management, will affect the routines and services provided by the ITM Professional Support. The most important changes are summarised here. Please bear in mind that the services provided may change on short notice, following KTH directives. The support will do its best to keep services and support at a stable level.

Updates (Last update June 18, 10:30 am)

  • 200618 10:30 am concerning return to the work place – autumn 2020
  • 200408 11:15 am concerning ID checks at campus (section General security information)
  • 200403 2:30 pm concerning If my boss is absent
  • 200327 09:30 am concerning Purchases
  • 200324 11:00 am

Stay informed

KTH central covid-19 information

KTH intranet

ITM intranet - specific School information

Return to the work place – autumn 2020

In light of the government's announcement that universities can return to teaching on campus, the President has decided to adapt work place activities at KTH during the autumn semester of 2020. The decision is valid until 15 January 2021. However, changes can be made as a result of the government's and other authorities' information and recommendations.

The main purpose is to prevent the spread of infection in society, therefore, a restriction of travel by public transport is necessary. The ITM Head of School’s group believes that as long as the Public Health Agency (FHM) does not make new recommendations, a large part of the school's staff will continue to work remotely.

Adaptation of the work environment at ITM

The Head of School has, in the light of the President’s decision, decided on what applies specifically to the ITM school staff.

  • All staff who can work from home should continue to work remotely. Physical attendance at KTH must be established with the nearest manager who has work environment responsibility (usually the head of division). The manager must make necessary risk assessments regarding the work environment to determine which employees should work on site. The goal is that everyone who is dependent on physical attendance at KTH for their operations should be able to work under safe conditions.
  • Meetings and seminars should be held digitally for the time being unless the nature of the meeting or other rules require physical attendance (e.g. campus-based teaching).
  • Head / line manager is responsible for adjusting the school's premises to facilitate safe distances and reduce the spread of infection.

  • Of course, all employees must comply with the recommendations of the Public Health Agency on "social distancing", good hand hygiene and not to come to the workplace with symptoms of COVID-19.

The above applies for the time being. The decisions may change at short notice if the government or other authorities decide otherwise.


  • For questions regarding teaching and examination contact the director of studies at each department.
  • For questions regarding your work situation please contact your nearest manager.

Visit  for continuous updates on KTH and COVID-19.


The President's decision 4 June on conditions for HT20, V-2020-0410 (SWE)
Specification of the President's decision V-2020-0410 for education at KTH during HT20 (SWE)
English translation of the President's decision 17 June regarding adapting work place activities for staff , V-2020-0450
Information for employees regarding the coronavirus  - Updated with ten new questions and answers.

For managers

Leadership during COVID-19 (SWE)
Guidance to lead during the pandemic

If my boss is absent

All Heads of Department as well as the Head of Administration at the ITM School have appointed deputy managers, who take the lead in the case of absence during the covid-19 outbreak.

The following persons are deputy in the event that ordinary leaders are infected / absent during the period 20 March - 31 August:

Deputy Head of Administration: Jenni Hollbrink
Deputy Head of Department EGI: Andrew Martin
Deputy Head of DepartmentHPU: Monica Kemvall
Deputy Head of Department Indek: Cali Nuur
Deputy Head of Department IIP: Antonio Maffei
Deputy Head of Department LES: Rebecca Hincks
Deputy Head of Department MMK: Sofia Ritzén
Deputy Head of Department MSE: Joakim Odqvist

General support and e-mail - some delays

The Professional Support is mainly working remote and can be reached as usual by email or Zoom. Please use non-personal mail addresses to ensure that the case is handled.

To list of non-personal e-mail addresses (funktionsadresser)

Certain services and requests might have longer response times and a lower service level and some may be put on hold. Staff will be present on KTH Campus and in Södertälje if needed.  

Expeditions partly closed

The expeditions in Sing-sing, Nord and Södertälje have switched to digital expeditions as far as possible in order to minimize contacts & spread of infection. This applies until further notice:


Purchasing issues

Here we address some recurring questions that have been asked to  as a result of the Corona virus.

Can I invoke Force Majeur in case of late cancellation due to Corona?

Answer: It is not advisable to invoke force majeure due to Corona, because unfortunately the virus has been a reality for some time and nothing that you can now claim suddenly just emerged, the whole community is in waiting mode for a long time, for example all kinds of meetings and social contacts. In addition, the suppliers themselves are in a sensitive position. Sure, you have the opportunity to raise the issue of dialogue with the suppliers, but you cannot ask the suppliers to meet other requirements than those in the agreements. We therefore reiterate the recommendation that clients keep an eye on the terms of the agreement a little extra carefully and ensure that you cancel / change in time when needed.

Can the Corona outbreak constitute an "exception" to the Public Procurement Act and KTH's guidelines?

Can I, for example, quickly procure equipment for homework, procure consultancy services for distance bridging technology on my own?

Answer: No. If goods and services are not included in framework agreements (KTH's or state), they must be procured in accordance with law and applicable guidelines and policies at KTH. Contact the purchasing manager at "your" school. (What may be exempted is those that directly and urgently affect the control of the Corona virus, but also here the purchasing manager should be contacted).

E-commerce in Wisum

An additional approval step is temporarily introduced at the cashier's position in Wisum, which concerns delivery to KTH. Because many KTH employees work remotely and that several entrances to delivery addresses are locked, problems arise for carriers trying to deliver to KTH. They only make two attempts to deliver, apply to all agreements.

By ticking the step in the order you are responsible for ensuring that there are staff at the specified delivery address to receive the goods.

At KTH Campus you can also use the opportunity to enter "KTH Campus lighter goods".

Read more on KTH's intranet (Swedish)

Head of School signatures – adjusted routines

The following routines applies for signatures from Head of School or the Head of Department: To ensure that your documents get signed, they must be sent electronically to . The e-mailbox is handled as usual.

Original documents sent by internal mail cannot be guaranteed to be signed immediately, since the postbox only will be checked once a week. Where required, original documents will be signed afterwards. 

Don’t forget to add the regular cover page, which always should be used.

Service Center - less staff on site

Fruit and milk supply in the kitchens will be heavily reduced and possibly suspended.

Questions, orders and requests will be answered at  and all normal services carried out, pending the availability of our suppliers.

Incoming and outgoing mail will be delivered daily, though possibly at slightly different hours due to new staff being trained.

School’s Office of Student Affairs

Drop-in for students is conducted via telephone during the regular drop-in hours. 

Students can either call their study councellor/coordinator directly or ask to be contacted through this link: .

Local IT-support

Working mainly remote. Contact IT by  or phone 6600.

General security information

Due to the government recommendation of March 17, all entrances to KTH premises on all campuses are locked as from Wednesday March 18. Staff, including PhD students, still have access depending on individual keycard access.

KTH’s security function has re-enforced security measures in all KTH’s campus areas, to prevent vandalism, damage, theft and unauthorized access to KTH property.

Security guards will be increasingly visible in the areas and also conduct ID check-ups. Unauthorized persons will be evicted.

Through KTH’s security number 08-790 (9900) you can report and leave information regarding any safety issue and get in contact with KTH’s security guards.

In addition, when the ITM caretaking team make their daily mail distribution round, they will check all of our corridors at ITM to make sure things are in order.

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Last changed: Jun 18, 2020