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Every year, around 10,000 people suffer from sudden cardiac arrest outside of hospital, in their homes or work places, for instance. Annually, approximately 500 people are saved from sudden, unexpected cardiac arrest outside hospital. Here you can see where defibrillators are available at the ITM school.

Defibrillators in the ITM School's premises

Energy Technology

Brinellvägen 68, the machine is placed in an alarmed locker located at the ground floor in the ETT / EKS lab, close to the passage between EKV-lab and ETT-lab.
Contact: Adde Hatam Tabrizi

Engineering Design

Brinellvägen 83, ground floor, (floor 2)
Brinellvägen 83, 1 stair up (floor 3)
Brinellvägen 85, 2 stairs' up (floor 4)
Contact: Erika Gilbertsson

Industrial Economics and Management

Lindstedtsvägen 30, floor 2, outside the Student Office, at the main entrance.
Contact: Christer Lindholm

Learning in Engineering Sciences

Vetenskapens Hus

Roslagstullsbacken 29, main entrance
Contact: Helena Edin

Materials Science and Engineering

Brinellvägen 23, floor 2 (entry-level), passage M101C by room M109
Contact: Eva Werner Sundén

Production Engineering

KTH Campus

Brinellvägen 68, floor 3, outside "Brinellsalen".
Contact: Sofia Kaller

KTH Södertälje

Kvarnbergagatan 12, floor 2, at the Student Office.
Contact: Jessica Matz Hammarlund