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ITM Development Plan - a summary

How should the ITM School develop during the years 2018-2023? What strategic investments should be made to support the school's mission and vision? The ITM School's development plan in brief gives answers.

Roll with sheet metal.

Vision and Mission

The vision of the School of Industrial Engineering & Management is to be a preferred partner – nationally and internationally – for students, faculty, industry and society in attaining an ecologically balanced, effective and dynamic industry.”

Our main mission is to lead the transition towards a zero-emission, adaptable industry for a sustainable society characterized by new product and service designs, new materials, new business models, sustainable energy systems, recycling, reuse and remanufacture.”

Innovation, entrepreneurship & digitalization 

Innovation and entrepreneurship, and digitalization have been identified as the key enablers to reach our goals – this holds true for education, for research and for impact on society.

Campus KTH Södertälje
Campus KTH Södertälje. Photo: Jonas Thorén.

Academic Environment

Our academic environment should reflect leadership in industrial engineering, with up-to-date premises and state-of-the-art infrastructure. To fulfill this vision, our focus is on developing the following five areas:

  • Research Intelligence and Communication
  • Premises and Infrastructure
  • The ITM Innovation Arena
  • Innovation Eco-System
  • Our working environment
Glasses at desk in Södertälje Campus.
Photo: Jonas Thorén

Research Environment

ITM should be a leading research environment in Europe in technology and management, driving towards a sustainable future. The vision will be reached by fulfilling the following goals:

  • Create awareness
  • Attract top talents
  • Transformation of industry
  • Strategic collaborations and networks
  • Incentives, resources and infrastructure
Lecture at KTH Södertälje
Lecture at KTH Södertälje. Photo: Jonas Thorén.


ITM should provide the best research driven education in a creative, innovative, sustainable learning environment characterized by supreme quality and a distinct identity.

  • Sustainable engineering
  • Awareness of gender and equality
  • Preparations for future global challenges
  • Extensive industry cooperation
  • I&E and student-centred teaching environments
  • Extensive pedagogical development
  • Comprehensive integration of digitalization

Postgraduate studies

PhD studies at the ITM School should be characterized by flexible processes emphasising the development of high levels of creativity and individual specialisation.

  • Internationalization and industrial cooperation
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • PhD Courses
  • Administrative systems 

The complete ITM Development plan 2018-2023

A printable version of the ITM development plan 2018-2023 (pdf 98 kB)

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Last changed: Apr 03, 2023