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KTH's ambition is to be an internationally successful engineering school, and therefore the recruitment of staff is important to us. In addition to the laws and guidelines that we need to adjust to as a state employer, it is important that recruitment is done strategically, structured and proactively.

The HR Team will help you

The HR staff at ITM can help with any type of recruitment. Depending on the type of staff you wish to recruit, the process looks different and must therefore be handled accordingly.

Helena Lundquist  and Sandra Strandberg  are responsible for all recruitments at ITM. 

Different type of recruitments

Recruitment process for teachers


This includes lecturers, assistant professors, senior lecturers, professors, promotions and affiliations, adjuncts and guest professors.

Process for recruitment of TAS staff

Research-oriented & T/A/S staff

Including researchers, research engineers and Technical, Administrative or Service personnel (T / A / S), and requires a recruitment permit.

Researcher recruitment

Recruitment process for PhD.

Doctoral Students

Doctoral student positions are co-advertised. No recruitment permit is required.

Recruitment process for post-docs


Recruitment of postdocs takes place on an ongoing basis. No recruitment permit is required.

Recruitment process for teaching assistants

Teaching Assistants

A student at undergraduate or advanced level education can be employed as a Teaching Assistans to work with i.e. teaching, administration and research. No recruitment permit required.

Recruitment step-by-step

  1. Identify your need
  2. Requirement profile: Job description & qualifications
  3. Approval from Head of School, and other bodies

  4. Advertisement
  5. Selection
  6. Interviews
  7. Checking references
  8. Compilation of applicants
  9. Job offering
  10. Introduction
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