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Economy (final accounting)
Customer invoices Supporting documents to Finance latest 2021-12-06
Last day to hand in travel bills, fees and expenses (for payment of December salary) Supporting documents to Finance 2021-12-10 (to possibly be able to get paid before Christmas)
Financial attest travel bills 2021-12-14 no later than 16:30
Financial attest transfer payments 2021-12-13
Financial attest supplier invoices Internal KTH invoices from other schools 2021-12-28
External invoices no later than 2020-01-05. 12:00
HPR is registered 2022-01-04
Supporting documents for Moving of salary costs 2021-12-28
Supporting documents for Accounting change 2021-01-03
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PhD announcements: Submission to
Publication date

Documents/text for announcements
October 17th October 4th
November 14th November 1th
December 5th November 29th
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Registration in Ladok

HPR (course results) belonging to period January - November 2021 must be reported in ladok no later than 2021-12-17 to generate money.

Course results that belong to the period January - November 2021 and which are reported later than 2021-12-17 will not generate money.

HPR (Course Results) belonging to December 2021 must be reported in ladok no later than 2022-01-22 to generate money.

Course results that belong to December 2021 and that are reported later than 2022-01-21 will not generate money.

All course registrations (HST) belonging to 2021 must be registered no later than 2021-12-17 in order to generate money.

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Swedish National Space Agency

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