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Female faculty Q-SCI

Carlota Canalis Gomez and Linda Lundström are chairs for the group, Q-SCI, during the period 2017-07-01 - 2021-06-30.

Chairs for the Q-SCI group

Linda Lundström and Carlota Canalias are responsible of leading the female network of the School of Engineering Sciences. They both are Associate Professors at the department of Applied Physics and situated at AlbaNova University Center. They are in close connection with KTH Equality Office and the Vice President for Gender equality and values, Anna Wahl, through the participation of Carlota in the KTH GOFL workgroup (“Genus och Förändring i Ledning”).

The purpose of the network

The purpose of the network is to:
- Create a forum where the school's female facultys can meet
- Contribute to meeting the goals of KTH's gender equality policy
The network organizes lunch/seminars to rise awareness and understanding of gender (in)equality with the aim to give support and network opportunities to the members of the Q-SCI network. Furthermore, the ambition is to align the network activities at the SCI school with KTH integration plan for gender equality.

Meeting minutes

Download the meeting minutes