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President's decision: The schools must name their organization in the same way

Published Dec 19, 2018

According to the President's decision, all schools must name their organization in the same way two steps down from the school level.

This means that the following terminology will be used within KTH from 1st of January 2019:

Swedish English
Institution Department
Avdelning Division
Kompetenscentrum (tidigare centrumbildning/centra) Competence Centre


Head of department
Avelningschef Head of Division

Download the President's decision (in Swedish) (pdf 81 kB)

Suggested actions

1. Update you KTH profile page if needed

Replace the words unit, research unit and research group with the word division, example: The Division of Laser Physics.
Please take the opportunity to update your profile page, otherwise when you're at it, add the room number, etc:
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2. Update your E-mail signature

Make sure you use the word division in your mail signature.
Read more about E-mail signature

3. You might need to make changes at your web

Questions concerning KTH profile page, Email signature or web?