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What will happen to the Kista campus?

Portrait picture of Ann Lantz
Published Jun 19, 2023

The Head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Ann Lantz, reflects on the risks and opportunities of a move from KTH Kista.

As part of KTH President Anders Söderholm's campus review, EECS has analysed what a possible move from KTH Kista to KTH Campus will mean for the school.

The analysis, presented to the president at the end of May 2023, includes an overview of the advantages and disadvantages most likely to arise in connection with such a move. It also presents opportunities and risks that may occur.

We asked Ann Lantz for her reflections on the analysis:

Ann, what is your first reflection after reading the analysis?

“My immediate reaction is that we have included the most central issues but need a more solid factual basis to proceed. A move will significantly affect our work, and we must take wise decisions.”

Is there anything that stands out as particularly challenging in the analysis?

“Two things: How will a move affect students and education, and how will it affect our collaboration with various stakeholders and companies in Kista? The working group has done an excellent job highlighting a possible move's positive and negative consequences.” 

Should staff in Kista be worried about their jobs?

“No. EECS need more teachers, so I see no risk of redundancy. However, staff will be affected in their work. A significant change such as this will have an impact and take time. I see an opportunity to get closer to colleagues and collaborate, share and streamline our work better than today.”

What are your thoughts on the future of the Electrum lab?

“This is an area that we need to look into carefully. We do not have the grounds for making a good decision right now. We are discussing who will run the lab, location, needs and investments to improve the indoor climate. There are even issues associated with housing and communication in Kista.”

What is your most important message to school staff right now?

“Change can be problematic, but it can also be an opportunity for positive change. We should focus on the latter to achieve a good result.”

What are the next steps?

“With the support of administrative staff, we are already forming working groups that will contribute to further in-depth analyses. We will start these analyses immediately after the holiday break. Then we will continue the dialogue to ensure the president and the KTH board have a sound basis for their final decisions.”

More on the campus review

Up-to-date information about the campus review is available at . Timetable for the review, previous investigations, current SWOT analyses, Q&A, and more interviews. 

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