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What will happen to campus Södertälje?

Portrait picture of Per Jönsson
Photo: Anneli Nygårds
Published Jun 19, 2023

Pär Jönsson, head of the ITM school, about the ongoing campus review.

When the KTH president decided to look over the possibilities for relocating parts of KTH's operations and concentrating them on fewer campuses, ITM formed three working groups to map the potential consequences of a move from Södertälje to Valhallavägen.

The analysis, presented to the deputy president at the end of May 2023, contains an overview of the advantages and disadvantages as well as opportunities and risks that are likely to arise at a potential move.

Pär Jönsson, what are your initial thoughts on the analysis?

“The working groups have, in a very short time, come up with interesting and detailed information that shows both the opportunities and risks of a possible move.”

Is there anything that stands out as particularly challenging?

“We must achieve and offer a more attractive education for a Bachelor of Science in Engineering that attracts students. In addition, the throughput time must be significantly improved.”

What would happen to the collaboration with AstraZeneca and Scania?

“I hope and believe that our cooperation will continue regardless of what happens with the Södertälje campus. KTH already has numerous collaborations and connections with both companies. We need to continue to work together to achieve an even more attractive education - it is essential to attract talented students.”

What is the next step?

“On June 15, the staff at the IPU in Södertälje got access to this analysis, and we noted their views. We now need to conduct in-depth studies to obtain a correct basis for decision-making for the KTH board. One example is that we need to investigate how staff and experimental equipment could be accommodated in Maskinkvarteren on the campus at Valhallavägen in case of a possible move. At the same time, we must ensure that the teaching of yearly approximately 80 students of Bachelor of Science in Engineering would be accommodated at the Valhallavägen campus.”

More on the campus review

Up-to-date information about the campus review is available at . Timetable for the review, previous investigations, current SWOT analyses, Q&A, and more interviews.