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A KTH for a more digitized world

In KTH's Development Plan 2018–2023, digitization plays a central role. Digitization is one of the President's priority areas and is led by the Vice President for Digitization, Jan Gulliksen.

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Digital Accessibility

Digital accessibility means that everybody – regardless of disabilities – can use our digital services and websites. The need for accessibility has always existed, but the requirements have been significantly increased with the Act on Accessibility to Digital Public Service (DOS Act).

At KTH, we take digital accessibility seriously and work continuously with information sharing and education to increase awareness and knowledge of the issues. We also have an Accessibility Report (Swe)  which is updated on an annual basis.

A steering group and a working group has been appointed with the task of further developing digital accessibility at KTH. The group is lead by the Vice President for Digitization, Jan Gulliksen.

The work with digital accessibility at KTH