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Programme organisation

Below you see which people are included in the different groups and what they are responsible for.

Steering Committee

  • Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director (Chairman)
  • Sonja Berlijn, Head of School, EECS
  • Muriel Beser Hugosson, Head of School, ABE
  • Sandra Di Rocco, Head of School, SCI
  • Pär Jönsson, Head of School, ITM
  • Mikael Lindström, Head of School, CBH
  • Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalization
  • Representatives, Central Collaboration Group (CSG)
  • Representative, The Student Union (THS)

University Director's Management Group

  • Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director
  • Åsa Ankarcrona, Head of Department, Communications and Business Liaisons (CBL)
  • Christina Carlsson, Head of Administration, ITM
  • Lisa Ericsson, Head of Department, KTH Innovation (INV)
  • Annica Fröberg, Head of Department, Human Resources (HR)
  • Maria Granath, Head of Department, Property Department (PD)
  • Maria Gustafson, Head of Department, Research Support Office (RSO)
  • Maria Haglund, Head of Department, KTH Library (KTHB)
  • Britt-Louise Henriksson, Head of Administration, University Administration (GVS)
  • Katarina Jonsson Berglund, Head of Department, Education Office (EDO)
  • Marie Larsson, Head of Administration, CBH
  • Susanne Odung, Head of Department, Finance Office (FO)
  • Fredrik Oldsjö, Head of Department, Management Office (MO)
  • Joakim Palestro, Head of Administration, EECS
  • Helene Rune, Head of Administration, SCI
  • Johanns Stellan, Head of Administration, ABE
  • Hans Wohlfarth, Head of Department, IT

Area groups and managers

Heads of Administration at the schools and Heads of department within GVS work together with seven different support areas. The division into areas is rough and areas not directly apparent in the list, such as collaboration and archive issues, must be included where it is most relevant and in some cases in several areas.

The groups are responsible for leading, planning and developing the support area in collaboration with other groups.

Education- Katarina Jonsson Berglund (EDO), Helena Rune (SCI)
Research- Maria Gustafson (RSO), Maria Haglund (KTHB), Lisa Ericsson (INV)
Finance- Susanne Odung (FO), Christina Carlsson (ITM)
HR - Annica Fröberg, HR, Johanna Stellan (ABE)
Communications- Åsa Ankarcrona (CBL), Joakim Palestro (EECS)
Infrastructure- Maria Granath (PD), Hans Wohlfarth (IT), Marie Larsson (CBH)
Management support- Fredrik Oldsjö, all Heads of Administration

Head of Department Advisory Board

  • Kerstin Jacobsson, University Director (Chairman)
  • Maria Håkansson, Head of Department ABE
  • Annika Gram, Head of Department ABE
  • Istvan Furo, Head of Department CBH
  • Cecilia Williams, Head of Department CBH
  • Hans Edin, Head of Department EECS
  • Mikael Skoglund, Head of Department EECS
  • Martin Edin Grimheden, Head of Department ITM
  • Björn Laumert, Head of Department ITM
  • Mats Boij, Head of Department SCI
  • Pär Olsson, Head of Department SCI

External Advisory Board

An Advisory Board with external representatives will be created to support the development of the support services at KTH.

Programme Secretariat

  • Malin Ryttberg, Management Office (MO/GVS)
  • Wanda Manninger, Education Office (EDO/GVS)
  • Anna Johansson, Communications and Business Liaisons (CBL/GVS)
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