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  • THE-summit at campus

    Meet Stefan Östlund, Vice President for global relations, and organizer of the THE Innovation and Impact Summit Conference that is being held at KTH from 22-24 April. Why is KTH hosting this initiative?

  • An accessible website is a benefit for everyone

    Digital accessibility is a legal requirement which means that digital services and websites must be able to be used by everyone. “It is of course an integral part of our mission not to discriminate against or disadvantage anyone; on the contrary, we want to facilitate that everyone can access KTH’s information and services, to the fullest extent feasible,” notes Jan Gulliksen, Vice President for Digitalization at KTH.

  • All campuses reopen

    All campuses will reopen for on-campus education this autumn. Starting 1 August, buildings will gradually be opened to students. “The government´s decision was welcomed and what we hoped for,”says Sigbritt Karlsson, President of KTH.

  • KTH gets a sense of the well-being of its employees

    A study is underway to determine how employees cope with the ongoing pandemic and how the work environment has been affected. The method provides quick and continuous answers. Collaboration gets good grades, but employees are feeling stressed.

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