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  • The toolbox - learning for sustainable development

    Sustainable development must be integrated into all of KTH's educational programs. As a support for this work, the Toolbox - Learning for sustainable development has been developed.

  • Making waves with new gear technology

    A Swedish company has cracked the challenge of scaling up wave energy, with the help of technology from researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Climate problems – a question of justice

    Researchers are warning that humanity has overstepped four out of nine boundaries for how much the earth can tolerate before we face dramatic climate change. Technical solutions alone are insufficient to save planet earth, according to the new research.

  • Symposium + RTC on the Environmental Humanities

    NIES Symposium V: "Environmental Humanities: Cultural perspectives on nature and the environment" ("Gröna humaniora: Kulturella perspektiv på natur och miljö"), Sigtuna Foundation 14-16 October 2011 Researcher Training Course: "Advancing Theory and Method in the Environmental Humanities", Sigtuna Foundation 14-19 October 2011

  • KTH-Sustainability Newsletter- January 2014

    Content - Save-the-date! KTH-Sustainability Education Day, March 20 - Available part-time project: Social sustainability in education - Horizon 2020 and support for research applications - OpenLab project exhibition: January 16 - Stockholm Arctic Seminar and book launch: January 21 - IVL at KTH: Seminar and workshops, March 13 - Dissertations and licentiate seminars

  • News from KTH-Sustainability, February 2015

    This month: Från Vetenskap till Verklighet - Seminarium om hållbar utveckling med IVL och KTH *Future and Emerging Technologies, FET-OPEN * Call for Papers: The 7th Tensions of Europe Conference: Technology and Environment * Stormvarning Sessions III * Solar Lab Inauguration * ICT for Transport workshop * Dissertations * Sustainability-related vacancies at KTH * KTH in the media

  • Aviation's VIP line must be reviewed

    Sweden's most notable transport researcher has recently presented his thesis and it is an extensive report. Among other things, it appears that better vehicle technologies and fuels are not sufficient to achieve our climate goals, that there is a need to reduce car travel by 30 percent and that air traffic will surpass car traffic within 10 years as regards the emission of greenhouse gases.

  • KTH Broadens Commitment to Sustainability Education

    KTH’s focus on environmental issues — underlined in 2011 with the appointment of a vice-president for sustainability — is gaining momentum with new targeted investments in education. The university’s administration has approved SEK 6.5 million ($964,000) for courses in environment and sustainable development studies.

  • KTH researchers have discovered a new molecule

    Trinitramid, as it is called, is the new molecule which, among other things, may become a component in future rocket fuels. Fuels which in this case would be 20-30 percent more effective compared to the best rocket fuels available today.

  • The largest environmental initiative in KTH’s history

    Several new heavy appointments, including a Vice-President for Sustainable Development and a new Environment Director. And a budget of SEK 8 million. KTH will now become a player to reckon with as regards environmental issues.

  • Money and time more important than the environment

    Many companies have clear guidelines to ensure that the number of business trips will decrease in favour of travel-free meetings. A research group at KTH has looked closely at the factors that determine how meetings take place, and the result is that money, time and a fear of technology, play a crucial role.

  • Online shopping, at what cost?

    We save time and money by shopping online. But what about the environmental impact? Is it better or worse for the environment that goods and services are consumed via the Internet? Two KTH researchers explain that the answer is not that straightforward.

  • Policy for sustainable development for KTH

    KTH shall be a leading technical university in sustainable development and actively and responsibly contribute to sustainable development through education, research, collaboration, and by reducing environmental impacts from KTH:s operations and promoting social responsibility

  • Education for environment and sustainable development

    Welcome to the pages about environment and sustainable development in education. From here you can find courses and programs that focus on environment and sustainable development. We also have the toolbox that provides ideas and advice on how to integrate these topics into the courses.

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