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Classic Quiz deadline postponed indefinitely

Published Nov 22, 2022

Canvas wants users to start using New Quiz because it's a great tool, not because they're forced to. They have therefore removed the Classic Quiz deadline while they improve New Quiz. KTH is waiting for some critical functions in New Quiz before a complete migration is carried out. These functions are support for API and for exporting CSV files. 

KTH awaits critical functions in New Quiz

The shutdown of Classic Quiz has now been extended indefinitely as Canvas understood that June 2024 was too short a time to change for many users. No users should feel forced to switch to New Quiz before all important functions are in place. Canvas is still focusing on developing and improving New Quiz, but Classic Quiz will be supported as long as needed.

KTH believes that there are currently several critical functions missing in New Quiz that need to be in place well before a complete migration. These critical functions are:

  • export of CSV files
  • API support.

KTH recommends you as a teacher to use New Quiz if you do not have a need for the critical functions. Namely because all development of new functions will take place in New Quiz. Feel free to contact us at  if you use Classic Quiz because of any function other than those mentioned above.

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