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  • Create engagement in your Zoom lectures

    Published Jan 18, 2022

    Gottfried Gemzell (Digital educator) has worked with everything from getting computer programs to writing novels to the distance program at Berghs. In...

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  • Course rooms are linked to the start of the course instead of the period

    Published Jan 18, 2022

    From Spring 2022, how the course room is handled in Canvas is based on the start date of the course instead of the period. This change affects how far...

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  • Full implementation of KTH's course room template

    Published Dec 21, 2021

    As of Spring, 2022 all new course rooms in Canvas comes with KTH's course room template. A more uniform design in Canvas makes it easier for both stud...

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  • About examination period 2 and re-examination period 1, autumn 2021

    Published Dec 14, 2021

    The implementation of exam period 2 in the autumn semester 2021 (TP2 HT21) in January 2022 (including re-examination period 1 in December 2021) will c...

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  • Classic Quiz will begin to be phased out in 2022

    Published Dec 13, 2021

    Canvas currently has two quiz engines, Classic Quiz and New Quizzes. In 2022, you will no longer be able to create new Classic Quiz and in 2023, Class...

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  • E-learning – support during Christmas/New Year

    Published Dec 10, 2021

    From 21 December to 10 January (2022), the operational support for E-learning will have limited service, and longer response times than usual.

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  • Current perspectives on (digital) assessment

    Published Dec 07, 2021

    Assessment for learning can be done in many different ways. During the webinar, Ida Naimi-Akbar, doctoral student and lecturer at Learning in STEM, pr...

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  • Presentation with question time about the function "KTH Import Exams" in Canvas

    Published Dec 03, 2021

    Welcome to a presentation of the KTH Import Exams function, a solution that makes it possible to carry out a digital assessment of scanned exams in Ca...

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  • Department of Learning Hybrid Pilot tests future of Hybrid teaching

    Published Nov 29, 2021

    A Hybrid pilot study is currently underway at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), which includes teachers, educational developers, and technicians wh...

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  • Teacher stories: Experiences of hybrid teaching

    Published Nov 20, 2021

    Hybrid teaching comes with challenges and possibilities. A panel consisting of teachers, pedagogical staff, and technicians gathered to talk about the...

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  • News collection on simplified Canvas features

    Published Nov 10, 2021

    Canvas has updated some features to simplify their use. The features that have been updated are the question banks in New Quizzes, the accessibility c...

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  • How can my students become active co-creators instead of a passive audience? 

    Published Oct 26, 2021

    Canvas, Zoom and Mentimeter can all mean for a more interactive learning environment. The team of educational developers at the E-learning management ...

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  • System for LEQ and course analysis unavailable on the 23rd of November

    Published Oct 25, 2021

    The system for LEQ and course analysis (with the product name Survey & Report) will be updated on the 23rd of November and thus not be available then....

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  • Ministudio – record video for teaching at your school

    Published Oct 20, 2021

    With a ministudio, you can easily get started with creating videos for your courses. IT support helps with ordering, setting up the technology in the ...

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  • Updated support material for "Create and manage video"

    Published Oct 18, 2021

    Now there is a collective place for guides and inspiration on how to work with video. The "Create and manage video" entry has been restructured to mak...

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  • Smoother assessment of proctored campus exams with the help of "KTH Import Exams"

    Published Oct 15, 2021

    Soon it will be possible to assess proctored campus exams in Canvas and SpeedGrader with the help of "KTH Import Exams". During exam period 1, SCI and...

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  • About exam period 1, autumn 2021

    Published Oct 13, 2021

    The implementation of exam period 1 in the autumn semester 2021 (HT21) will be implemented according to the LOW scenario, even with eased restrictions...

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  • Funka support: Experiences and intricacies regarding the pedagogical, compensatory support

    Published Oct 11, 2021

    How can KTH best meet students' needs for pedagogical support during examinations and at the same time follow the intended learning outcomes? Is it po...

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  • How eased pandemic restrictions will affect KTH's education

    Published Sep 17, 2021

    From 29 September, the pandemic-related restrictions on how many people can stay in KTH's premises will be removed. From study period 2, educational a...

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  • Intended learning outcomes – how to formulate them and work with them in Canvas

    Published Sep 09, 2021

    Outcomes-based grading criteria must be introduced on all KTH courses with a graded grading scale, according to the KTH president's decision. So how d...

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