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  • Teacher stories: "Online videos for education"

    Published Feb 12, 2021

    What is a good educational video and why should one continue to use online videos after we can safely return to an in-person meeting when the pandemic is over? In this webinar Joakim Jaldén share his ...

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  • New button in Canvas for embedding videos from KTH Play and for Media Gallery

    Published Feb 10, 2021

    Embedding video in Canvas works poorly for some browsers if the video comes from KTH Play. To solve the problem there will be two buttons for "Embed Kaltura Media" and Media Gallery during a transitio...

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  • Course room template in Canvas saves time and makes it easier for students

    Published Feb 03, 2021

    During Spring Semester 2022, a course room template will be implemented in all course rooms in Canvas. The purpose of the template is for the course rooms in Canvas to have a more uniform design. This...

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  • Student stories: "To study in pandemic times" (SWE)

    Published Jan 21, 2021

    Students are not a homogeneous group and the experiences of studying at a distance during the pandemic are different. But the common denominator is that the distancing is stressful in different ways. ...

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  • Canvas updates 

    Collage with Canvas logo and KTH logo on wall
    Published Jan 18, 2021

    Try a new version of "Assignments", new placement of Student View button and a simpler content editor. Here are some news that are good for you as a teacher to know!

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  • New content editor in Canvas

    Published Dec 08, 2020

    The content editor, the "tool" you use when creating content on pages, tasks, etc. in Canvas has been redesigned to be easier to navigate. Read more about what has changed and how you can try the new ...

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  • Video captioning in KTH Play (ENG)

    Published Dec 04, 2020

    What is good to think about before captioning video and how do you do it technically? Here you find the documentation (film and link to presentation) from the webinar.

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  • Action plan for education as of 24 Nov. 2020 until 28 Aug. 2021

    Published Dec 02, 2020

    Priorities and practical details of the new president's decision V2020-0801 on conditions for education, the rest of the autumn semester 2020 and through the spring semester 2021, are now formulated a...

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  • New tool to create and publish course memos

    Published Nov 26, 2020

    From Thursday 26th of November a new tool is available to create and publish course memos before start of the course offering. Several smart features make it easier to compose the contents and to publ...

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  • Teacher stories: "Oral examination from different points of view" (SWE)

    Published Nov 25, 2020

    In this Lunch 'n' Learn webinar, Gunnar Tibert (SCI) talks about his experiences of oral examination in several different courses. What is it like to have an oral examination on site or digitally, an...

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  • Template for examination room in Canvas will facilitate the work

    Published Nov 25, 2020

    Before all exam periods, examination rooms are created in Canvas based on a simple template. The purpose of the template is to facilitate the implementation of the examination and create a common foun...

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  • Get inspired by other teachers' course rooms in Canvas

    Published Nov 18, 2020

    We have listed four course rooms that excel when it comes to good course design. The selection of the course rooms is based in part on what emerged in an evaluation of course rooms in Canvas done in t...

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  • Lessons and tips from the Hybrid teaching seminar

    Published Nov 18, 2020

    On November 13th a few teachers tried out the format “hybrid teaching” in one of the newly updated auditoriums at KTH campus Valhallavägen.

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  • Teacher stories: "From laboratory room to virtual lab" (SWE)

    Published Nov 12, 2020

    Ramis Örlü tells about how he carried out the laboratory work with the students at a distance, using short films in combination with quizzes in Canvas and question and answer sessions in Zoom to engag...

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  • Hybrid teaching for beginners

    Published Nov 09, 2020

    Are you going to teach in classroom and at the same time have participating students and/or guest lecturers via Zoom? Then you can come on a "study visit" on Campus and try to set up a classroom with ...

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  • Teacher stories: "Practical Course Experiences of the Change in Period 4" (SWE)

    Published Nov 05, 2020

    Anders Sjögren talks about how he handled the rapid transition to distance education, which in March became a reality for all teachers. The presentation is based on the course "II1302, Projects and pr...

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  • Teacher stories: "Teaching with students being present in the classroom and online"

    Published Oct 22, 2020

    Having to manage students online as well in the classroom is a new situation for many teachers, with a lot of new challenges to make the teaching work. At the webinar, Carl-Mikael Zetterling told abou...

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  • How to moderate in Zoom - what does it entail, why is it important and how does it work?

    Published Oct 14, 2020

    Leading a web meeting or giving an online lecture involves new challenges. What is special about digital meeting environments? How can I best conduct a meeting? How should I handle large student group...

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  • "Teachers must lead the digitization"

    Published Oct 08, 2020

    The pandemic caused teachers to suddenly switch to distance education. What dangers can there be with a rapid shift from campus to distance? What positive effects and lessons do we take with us and ho...

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  • Teacher stories: "Experiences about oral examination"

    Published Oct 07, 2020

    What it is like to hold the examination digitally, and what do the students think? Göran Manneberg talks from his many years of experiences regarding oral examination. Here you find the documentation ...

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