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  • "Teacher stories - Educational solutions in Canvas" - Lunch n’ learn (26/3)

    Published Mar 11, 2019

    Come and be inspired and get tips from KTH teachers.

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  • News for the term from us at e-learning

    Published Jan 31, 2019

    Here we have gathered some information and good tips for you as a teacher.

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  • "System functions in Canvas" - Lunch n’ learn (19/2)

    Teachers at a seminar.
    Published Jan 29, 2019

    The appreciated seminar series Lunch n’ learn (on e-learning) is back with new subjects and lecturers. First out is Emil Stenberg, system developer at...

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  • Important information about Canvas at the start of the course

    Published Jan 08, 2019

    How is a course room in Canvas created and how are the students added? How do I as a teacher, course coordinator, or examiner gain access to the cours...

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  • Old version of URKUND in Canvas is now deactivated

    Published Dec 05, 2018

    New version of URKUND in Canvas. Read more about what you as a teacher need to do and know due to this upgrade ...

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  • "Course evaluation as a course development tool" - Lunch n’ learn (10/12)

    Published Nov 28, 2018

    Are you curious about how you, as a teacher, can develop your course using the Systematic Course Analysis (SCA) methodology and the LEQ survey tool?

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  • "Design and production of video presentations for Flipped Classroom"- Lunch n’ learn (14/11)

    Published Nov 06, 2018

    Learn to use basic digital tools and pedagogical media concepts to create engaging video presentations for your online teaching.

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  • Important for you that use URKUND in Canvas

    Published Oct 26, 2018

    URKUND in Canvas was upgraded this summer to simplify usage and assure continued support from the supplier. During the autumn the possibility to use t...

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  • Correct the assignments first and then send out the results (Canvas)

    Published Oct 24, 2018

    Do you want to correct the students' assignments in Canvas and then send out the results to everyone at once? By selecting "Mute Assignment", the asse...

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  • Want to join and test Zoom in Canvas?

    Published Oct 12, 2018

    Zoom is a videoconferencingsystem that can be used for teaching, lecturing and meetings with students. An integration of Zoom in Canvas is now being e...

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  • Open courses in Canvas

    Published Oct 10, 2018

    There is the possibility for you as a teacher or course coordinator to choose how visible your course will be. Please read this information about the ...

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  • "Get started with URKUND” - Lunch n’ learn (10/10)

    Published Oct 01, 2018

    Learn how plagiarism control with URKUND works and how to use the service in your course, for example in assignments.

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  • Flipped Classroom, URKUND and course evaluations in autumn semester's Lunch n' learn-seminars

    Published Sep 24, 2018

    Lunch n' learn is back with three new seminars for you as a teacher/employee, interested in e-learning and want to know more about KTH's digital learn...

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  • Lunch workshop on video editing in Camtasia (27/9)

    Published Aug 30, 2018

    Teacher and curious about video editing? Welcome to a workshop about Camtasia! (27/9)

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  • Unreliable data in course analysis

    Published Aug 24, 2018

    When you as a teacher create a course analysis after making a LEQ evaluation, a data sheet is created with information retrieved from LADOK (Pass rate...

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  • New question added to LEQ, Learning Environment questionnaire

    Published Jun 26, 2018

    With the update of LEQ in June 2018, the questionnaire will be supplemented with additional facts regarding the student profile related to disability....

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  • Transition to new Ladok

    Published Jun 25, 2018
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  • Update of the LEQ evaluation tool

    Published Jun 12, 2018

    The Learning Environment Questionnaire, LEQ, will be updated on June 29, 2018. The existing questionnaire which consists of 22 statements, is suppleme...

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  • 7 easy steps to make your course work lighter this summer

    Published Jun 08, 2018

    We have restructured the pages on "Canvas at KTH" to make it easier for you to find support materials and guides.

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  • Livestreaming seminar "Quiz tool in Canvas - an introduction" (Lunch and Learn)

    Published Jun 04, 2018

    Did you know that you can follow the Lunch and Learn seminars online through live streaming? The next seminar will be held on Tuesday, June 5th, 12:15...

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