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Streamline your online education – Reach out to the viewers through small means

Documentation from Lunch 'n' Learn 19 May 2021

Published May 31, 2021

At this Lunch 'n' Learn webinar, media technicians at KTH share tips for creating video and also highlight students' perspectives. Here is the documentation (video, in Swedish) from the webinar and the following panel discussion on how to make video that reaches out and engages!

About the webinar

What is good to think about while preparing videos to be recorded for your educational purposes? What can be time-consuming steps while recording videos or preparing hybrid-lectures in classrooms? The presenters at this webinar talk about different aspects of recording and they share some tips on how to engage the viewer experience from a student point of view.

KTH's Media Technician talks about experiences of filming teachers and staff and IT support gives examples of efficient use of technology in two halls. You also get tips on which elements are perceived as engaging from a student perspective.

Presenters and participants in the panel discussion

Mats Åhrman and Håkan Westlund (IT, KTH, WVS), Joakim Nordengel (media technician, KTH), Celeste Holm (Student, KTH). Moderator: Fredrik Enoksson, Unit of Digital Learning, KTH.

WVS is an abbreviation for the synchronization team for web meeting, video and streaming (WVS), which is a part of the working group for digitalization of education.

Presentation material

If you are logged in to KTH Play (see upper right corner on this page), you will find the presentation (PDF) that was used during the webinar under the tab "attachments" above. To the recording and presentation material from the webinar on online education and video (KTH Play, in Swedish) .

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