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Contacts to education support at KTH

Here we have collected contact information and shortcuts for different functions regarding KTH’s education activities, both at University Administration (GVS) and at the schools themselves.

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Work life and collaboration

Business collaboration at KTH give support in finding for example, extern guest lecturers or representation for program councils or project assignments for a course. You can also join the PriU-group for work life and collaboration.

Contacts for work life connections and collaboration in education (Swedish) .


E-learning is responsible for guidance, support and coaching in the systems and digital tools you as a teacher use in teaching and examination. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need support, tips and inspiration about both how to use digital services and systems, and pedagogical methods.

Contact information to E-learning

Canvas - guides and recommendations

Book personal coaching on E-learning


Each school has a contact person for planning and co-ordinating examinations, and there is also central support for digital examination arrangements.

Contacts for examination


If you as an employee have technical questions or need support regarding tools and systems used for education you are welcome to contact IT-support.

Contact information to IT-support

Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning (LL) includes freestanding courses, contract education, MOOCs and other more informal learning activities such as open lectures and seminars. Here you can find contact details for those working with lifelong learning.

Contacts for lifelong learning

Student recruitment


See activity plan and contact for international student recruitment (in Swedish) . The department of education support (EDO/IRO)/International recruitment  is responsible for recruiting international students.


See activity plan for National student recruitment (in Swedish) . The department of Communication and Business Liaisons (CBL)/Communications support  are responsible for recruiting national students.


Study administrative systems

If you as an employee has questions or need support regarding using KTH’s study administrative systems, contact us: study administrative systems .

Accessibility and FUNKA

If you as an employee need to know where they can get help with questions regarding accessibility in education at KTH, contact:

Accessible education at KTH .

Education administration

You as an employee can contact the educational administration if you have questions or need support regarding the educational administrative processes, find the responsible person for the process you are interested in: educational administrative processes .

Education development and teaching and learning in higher education

If you as a teacher has questions or need support with development of courses, programs, learning environments and their own educational continuing professional development, contact:

Networks regarding teaching and learning in higher education, SoTL, courses and more .

Web editorial

The editorial works with improving web pages on the intranet for teachers, administrators and on the student web for students. If you have questions, suggestions or want to report an error for a web page you can send an email directly to the person responsible for each web page or contact the group’s coordinator.

Web editorial for education support (in Swedish) .

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