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Doctoral education at ITM

Here you will find support and processes within postgraduate education at the ITM school. If you are a supervisor, programme director or administrator you are at the right place.

Support for doctoral students (ITM)

Doctoral studies from start to end


ITM’s process for recruiting Doctoral students


When applying for admission, the following documents (paper) are submitted to the Third Cycle Education Office after they have been approved by respective Director of Doctoral Program.

  • Application for admission to licentiate / doctor (form)
  • Copy of funding documentation
  • Copy of diploma with course documentation

Please note that no documentation should be sent by e-mail. Once the doctoral student has been accepted, confirmation will be received by e-mail.

Once the doctoral student is accepted, the principle supervisor (HHL) creates an e-ISP (electronic individual study plan).

Guide to e-ISP - Individual study plans for doctoral students

Licentiate seminars and dissertation

At KTH, dissertations and licentiate seminars can take place during the periods January 7 – June 15 and August 15 – December 20. All the times listed below must occur within those periods.

ISBN Request

Posting a doctoral or licentiate thesis

Service Center's support at Dissertation and Licentiate

Thesis, thesis defence and qualification

Application for a degree

After completing the education, the degree is applied for in the personal menu on KTH's web.


Mall för industridoktorandavtal (doc 48 kB)  (in Swedish only)
Mall doktorandfinansiering 2024 (xlsx 77 kB)  (in Swedish only)
Guide to doctoral studies at ITM (pdf 3.7 MB)
Registration number: M-2017-1166, KS-code: 1.2


The doctoral education at the ITM school is led by the Directors of Third-Cycle Education (FA) in consultation with the Third-Cycle Education Committee (FU). FU consists of all Program Director's of third-cycle Education, administrators and doctoral student representatives.

In addition, many people are involved in the doctoral education. Supervisors are responsible for guiding the students through their studies and the postgraduate Education Office helps with practical questions.

Contacts for doctoral students