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Contacts for accessible education

This contact list is aimed at UA and teachers at the schools on all campuses. The list provides information on where to turn with different types of questions about accessibility in education at KTH.

Funka support for students with lasting disabilities

Refer to  if you have a student with lasting (at least 6 months) and documented disability who needs compensatory support in their studies. The support does not apply to temporary disability due to damage. See matrix with all Funka provided support (pdf in Swedish) .

Funka's KTH page on the Student Web .

Premises, Audio induction loops and other room equipment

Search the hall name at KTH Places  to find out, for example:

  • What equipment for accessibility each room has (eg, audio induction loops, speakers, microphone)
  • Which address applies to get to the room via a handicap entrance, et cetera.

Search the room overview on TimeEdit (search schedule)  if you want to see a list of all halls with audio induction loops at KTH. Choose which Campus you want to search and check for "hörslinga" in the equipment drop-down.

Error report on 9200 if for example:

  • an elevator/door opener does not work
  • a hearing loop or other equipment does not work (connect to an AV technician)
  • audio induction loop/speaker/microphone needs to be installed in a room.

Contact  (Property Department (PD)):

  • For questions about thresholds, ramps and more.
  • To order room adaptation and room changes.
  • If the school needs to install a new door opener.


Contact Charlotta Delin at  for tips on how you can teach more accessible and inclusive.

Sign language interpreter

Students with hearing impairments may have a sign language interpreter or writing interpreter with them in the teaching.

Contact  if:

  • you have questions about interpreter coordination,
  • the interpreter needs a Canvas account / KTH account/access to the premises,
  • the interpreter needs equipment or a parking permit (picked up at KTH Entré).


Framework agreement

See the Framework Agreement database on the Intranet (Swedish)  (search for "undertext”) to order subtitles for recorded material (e.g., lectures) from one of KTH's three procured companies.

Automatic subtitling via KTH Play

Since the autumn of 2020, it is possible to order automatically subtitled video subtitles via KTH Play. Note that some manual correction will be required.


Resource room for studies/recovery

Students with permanent disabilities can have access to resource rooms for studies/recovery. Students get access to resource rooms by applying to Funka. Some of the rooms are equipped with a computer with the support programs: Office 365, EasyReader, Spell Rex, Spellright, ClaroRead plus, Zoom Text and TorTalk.

More information can be found on the Resource Room page on KTH's campus .